The book aims to propose a training model on peace mediation, with women as protagonists. One of the characteristics of this text is combining training with research, through classroom work and the exchange between teachers and learners. Following this training path, women themselves will be the users of this text as mediators of peace in their contexts of origin. It is a fi rst training model that has seen sociology not only engaged in the delivery of content, but also providing a conclusion to past training and research work. The book also opens up to a future perspective in which women will be able to work as promoters of values of peace and formative commitment, with fellow citizens who live or have lived the same life experience.

Maria Caterina Federici teaches Sociology at the University of Perugia, where she directs the CRISU (Research Center on Human Research). Among her latest publications: I luoghi del possibile. Sociologia dell’abitare e del co-housing (2019, with U. Conti); Sociologia della sicurezza (2017, with A. Romeo). She has also edited L’immaginazione sentimentale. Residui del “Trattato di sociologia generale” by Vilfredo Pareto (2016).

Angelo Romeo Ph.D. teaches Sociology at the University of Perugia, where he conducts research. He was a visiting professor at the University of Barcelona and a visiting researcher at the University of Geneva. Among his latest publications: Il giornalismo contemporaneo fra televisione e web (2019, with F. Bolzetta); Sociologia del corpo (2018); Sociologia della sicurezza (2017, with M.C. Federici); Posto, taggo dunque sono? Nuovi rituali e apparenze digitali (2017).