The seven chapters of this book cover a variety of concepts (liberalism, freedom, Marxism) and classic thinkers (Mill, Marx, Hayek, Popper) in order to disclose several myths we’ve become accustomed to taking for granted in the West. It posits that exploration of these myths is crucial to understanding the essence of the West or, better, to seeing what has been “removed” from the West as the title of this book implies. What emerges is a rigorous and surprising counter-history of our civilization.

Foreword by Santiago Zabala

Paolo Ercolani (Rome, 1972) teaches at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”. He is a disciple of Domenico Losurdo and has authored several books on Hayek, Marx, Popper, Tocqueville and the transition from the industrial society to the network society. In addition to collaborating with “La Lettura” (Corriere della Sera), “Il Manifesto”, and with Rai Educational, he is a member of the Scientific Committee of (Philosophical Observatory).