This book presents a scrupulous and clear account of the history of Abyssinia: from the earliest records of it to the events of 1935. The book describes the country, the people, but also the legendary origin of the kingdom. Much attention is devoted to the conversion, the dark age, the period of isolation, the collapse of the monarchy and the dispute with Italy. A precious book, adorned by photographs, maps, and paintings.

Arnold Hugh M. Jones was born in 1904, at Birkenhead. He was a historian and a professor of ancient history at the University of Cairo, at University College of London and at the University of Cambridge. He passed away in 1970.

Elizabeth Monroe (1905-1986), historian of the modern Middle East, knew both Philby’s British and Arab families. She was an emeritus fellow of St Anthony’s College, Oxford, and was awarded the CMG for her services to Middle Eastern studies.