This book collects the proceedings of the International conference The Postmodern Condition: Forty Years Later held at University of Genova on December 2019. The conference took advantage of the fortieth anniversary of the publication of The Postmodern Condition by Jean-François Lyotard as a “trigger” to relaunch the still actual and ongoing debate about the meaning of postmodernity, the end of postmodernism and the advent of new aesthetics, philosophy and social “structure of feelings” that have overcome (or tried to) the postmodern paradigm. The book aims at interweaving the two main faces of the problem: on the one hand, the analysis of the vitality, legacy, topicality and historicizing process of postmodernity and postmodernism; on the other, the analysis of the debate on the crisis of postmodern paradigm and of the advent of new conceptual frames, often born as a direct refusal of postmodern critical discourse and philosophy.