“This book is a journey, of course, but the path does not go in one direction. We could imagine its content as a great caravan route, or a road of the ancient Romans, placed side by side and each oriented in the opposite direction. We would like to show some stages where the two great archetypes, the West and the East, found themselves coming close, overlapping and infl uencing each other. The West seen from the East, and the East seen from the West. Two diff erent narratives, two diff erent ways of looking at things, yet nevertheless in dialogue. We want to narrate the subtle connections, the diffusion of a few symbols: the two broken parts that come together and enable recognition, as Greek historian Herodotus writes.”

Alessandro Coscia is an archaeologist specialised in the Greek and Roman fi elds. He studied in Milan and France. He has broadened his horizons to the history of ancient religions and anthropology, to which he has dedicated various articles, essays and conferences. He has added screenwriter and television author to his work as a scientist. He works in the Exhibitions and Events Offi ce at the Pinacoteca di Brera.

​​​​​​​Sergio Coppola is a poet by birth, a scientist by passion, free by vocation. After a successful life in the disciplines of design and engineering, he ventured into his great passions: art and history.