In a historical moment when cinema is definitively abandoning analogue production and reception modalities, the cinematographic work of Paolo Gioli occupies an important and meaningful place in the academic and artistic debate related to the present and future position of cinema and media art in the digital era. For this reason, the Film Forum Festival decided to organize a one-day seminar in Gorizia on 17th March 2013 in order to analyze and discuss the artistic production of this Italian artist. This book records and expands topics and reflections developed by international scholars and curators during that event. It also includes an original text by Paolo Gioli about his cinema and his artistic production.

Alessandro Bordina is a Postdoc Research Fellow at the University of Udine, where he teaches Video Restoration. Among his publications: Oui, c’est du cinéma/Yes, It’s Cinema (2009, edited with Philippe Dubois and Lucia Ramos Monteiro) and L’archivio / The archive (2011, edited with Sonia Campanini and Andrea Mariani).

Antonio Somaini is Full Professor in Film, Media and Visual Studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. Among his publications: Ejzenštejn: Il cinema, le arti, il montaggio (2013), Estetica dei media e della comunicazione (2011, edited with Roberto Diodato), Teorie dell’immagine. Il dibattito contemporaneo (2009, edited with Andrea Pinotti).