The Invention of the Text

The notion of text is perhaps the most used and discussed within social and human sciences. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly one of the worst defined. […]

Out of series

Painting. The Infinite Body

This book aims to investigate the perspective of painting in the current context, choosing a philosophical approach that carefully delineates mechanisms and capabilities in relation […]


Selected writings

The present volume contains a selection of the scholarly work of one of Europe’s most prominent representatives of modern, transdisciplinary Oriental studies: Bert Georg Fragner. […]


Time and Cross-Temporal Relations

According to both ordinary and scientifi c thought, two objects can enter into relation not only simultanously, but also at different times, namely cross-temporally. For […]


Time without Becoming

Time without Becoming is the text of a lecture Quentin Meillassoux gave at the Middlesex University in May 2008. He makes a summary of the […]