This unique work offers the reader a poetic depiction of the abyssal Himalayan city of Kathmandu: the mythical sword-shaped sacred city of divine origin set […]


Mindsets. Conceiving cognition in nature

What is cognition? What is its place in nature? For about 60 years philosophers and scientists have been engaged in giving a naturalistic dress to the cognitive sciences arguing over the status of mental representations and computational processes.


Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory

Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory is a collaborative collection of writings in black metal theory (BMT), an amorphous ‘metallecutal’ movement initiated in 2009 with the symposium Hideous Gnosis.

Out of series

Playing with silence. Introduction to a philosophy of silence

Playing with silence is a book that Mirio Cosottini dedicates to those who love silence and all its aspects. In this volume he proposes a series of questions and exercises in order to initiate an investigative process that sheds light on its many facets as well as on its invariances; that which remains constant under transformation.