Year after year, day after day, minute after minute, billions of non-human animals are slaughtered for several purposes and aims (food, clothing, entertainment, research). An analogous situation whose objects were humans instead of animals would obviously never be accepted. But why do we tolerate and even justify one practice while deploring the other? The answer is far from banal: this book is an attempt at finding it beyond the everyday life, through politics and philosophy.

Leonardo Caffo (University of Turin) is a member of the research centre LabOnt and fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. He is the director of the journal “Animot: l’altra filosofia” and one of the most prominent figures in Italian philosophical antispeciesism. He is the author of the manifesto Il maiale non fa la rivoluzione (2013), Così parlò il postumano (2014, with Roberto Marchesini), La possibilità di cambiare (2012) and Margini dell’umanità (2014). Together with Maurizio Ferraris he edited Filosofia Globalizzata (2013).