Rather than being a historicist approach interested in the origins and development of certain social and cultural expressions, cultural studies, in their most recent manifestations, have engaged with the analysis of specific sociocultural contexts and their constitution, as well as with a critical sensitivity to what is conjunctural and contextual. Within this new framework, migration studies have become an essential platform to update the conceptual categories but also to highlight the “contested terrain” of contemporary cultural studies. The goal of this volume is to explore the interconnection between these two fields of studies. Starting from observations made in fieldwork, literary criticism, visual culture and media studies, the contributions collected here analyse issues such as representation and self-representation, the agency of the storytelling, the victimization and criminalization of migrants, the border crossing and the porosity of borders, the cultural practices of meeting and sharing traditions, nationalities, identities.

Valeria Cammarata is Associate Professor in Comparative Literature, Gender Studies and Cultural Studies at the University of Palermo. Her main research topics are linked to the relationship between Literature and Visual Culture and the feminist question within the practices of the gaze. She is the Scientific responsible of the Migrants project for the University of Palermo. Among her publications: Donne al microscopio. Un’archeologia dello sguardo femminile; Breve storia femminile dello sguardo; The Reason of Imagination. The Blazing Worlds of Margaret Cavendish and Siri Hustvedt.

Federica Mazzara is Associate Professor in Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster, London. She works on migration and its representation across different media. She has co-curated an exhibition at P21 Gallery in 2019 on the subject of migrant deaths at sea. She is the author of Reframing Migration: Lampedusa, Border Spectacle and the Aesthetics of Subversion (2019). Mazzara has acted as scientific coordinator for the University of Westminster within the Project MIGRANTS, an Erasmus + Capacity Building for Higher Educations Project.

Samira Mechri is a Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies and the Coordinator of the joint Master’s Degree in Migration Studies: Governance, Policies and Cultures at the University of Tunis El Manar. Her areas of interest are gender, post-colonial and ethnic studies and international relations. She is also the co-editor of Transnational Relations and Postmodern Poetics (2017) and Culture at the Crossroads: from Epistemological Meanderings to Interdisciplinary Praxis (2021). Mechri is the scientific coordinator of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project MIGRANTS at the level of the University of Tunis El Manar.

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