East and West have long stood as towering edifices dividing history and the world into separate spheres. In fact, the two poles have not only shared a multitude of connections over the centuries, they have also played essential roles in shaping the identities of their oppositional others. Cultural exchange, mutual imaginings, and other forms of interaction have contributed to both the creation of an exotic other and a framing and definition of the self.
The essays in this collection explore the creation and transformation of self image through the encounter between East and West from a variety of disciplinary approaches. Scholars from Japan and Europe apply methodologies and concerns from history, literature, art history, aesthetics, sociology, political science, law, and anthropology to issues of identity formation and transformation at the nexus of East Asia and Europe.

Christopher Craig is Associate Professor of Japanese History at Tohoku University in Japan.

Enrico Fongaro is Associate Professor of Italian and Western Aesthetics at Tohoku University in Japan.

Akihiro Ozaki is Full Professor of Western Art History and Aesthetics at Tohoku University in Japan.