Mid-globality is the time of the “not occurring”. The uncertainty of not existing–in all its individual, social, institutional and economic aspects—is dizzyingly transforming the social system, destroying it in the immediacy of here and now, contributing to  the generation of words, images and gestures frequently expressed through violence and uncertainty. This violence is, above all, “systemic”, difficult both to define and resolve. Annamaria Rufino’s pamphlet draws our gaze behind the scenes of this form of communicative representation in which everyone is a co-author, even if often unaware and “transitional”. A total institution, this communicative “force” negates our existence, turning us into victims of a disabling narrative in which the presumption of consciousness rejects the historical inheritance that has been the cornerstone of modern society, a society that is struggling–despite everything–to build the future.

Annamaria Rufino teaches Sociology of Law at the Department DI of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”. Between her more recent publications: Territorial Intelligence as Engine for the History of Future (2012, with S. Sassen et al.); Il diritto possibile. Funzioni e prospettive del medium giuridico (2011, with G. Teubner); Future Humanism. Know Thyself (2020); Choose Decide Change. Why The World Forgets to Do Things (2020).