Peter Eisenman discusses with architects and philosophers: Jörg H. Gleiter (Germany), Kim Förster (Switzerland), Preston Scott Cohen (USA), Emmanuel Petit (USA), Mario Carpo (USA), Sarah M. Whiting (USA), Manuel Orazi (Italy), John McMorrough (USA), Gabriele Mastrigli (Italy), Panayotis Pangalos (Greece), Cynthia Davidson (USA), Ingeborg M. Rocker (USA), Alejandro Zaera-Polo (USA), Djordje Stojanović (Serbia), Greg Lynn (USA) performing on the stage for two days in Belgrade.

Through the structure of the monograph, the book represents a dynamic approach to the development of contemporary architectural thought. The dialogue between architects and philosophers with different social and cultural roots creates new agreements and reflections.

Vladan Djokić, PhD, architect, Full Professor and Dean at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture. He is the author of books and scientific papers in urban planning and urban morphology. He has won numerous prizes at international architectural and urban planning competitions and awards for work in practice. He has exhibited at different international contexts.

Petar Bojanić is Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy and Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory (University of Belgrade, Serbia), Co-director of the Center for Advanced Studies of South- Eastern Europe (University of Rijeka, Croatia). His work includes also the philosophy of architecture. He is the author of hundreds of articles and several books, including Violence. The Reason of State and the Figures of Sovereignty (2007), Provocatio (2008), Frontier, knowledge, sacrifice. On Last War (2009), Force and Forms of War (2012), Violenza e messianismo (2014, Mimesis) and Violence et messianisme (2015, Vrin & Mimesis).