Interview with Jessica M. Marglin 


Being Arab, Palestinian, Israeli, and Jew? Sayed Kashua’s Sitcom ‘Arab Labor’ and the Challenge to Coexist in Israel 

Andrea Pizzinato 

Montenegro as a State Governed by the Rule of Law: Valtazar Bogišic´’s Character and Contributions in Italian Travel Accounts at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries 

Oliveras Popovic 

Women Mystics, Counter Reformation Catholicism, and Cross-Cultural Pollination. The Mystical Model in the Mediterranean and Beyond 

Borja W. Gonzalez Fernandez 

Cross-Cultural Networks and Exchanges in Mediterranean Port Cities during the Early Modern Period: The Case of a Jewish Merchant Colony of Marseille 

Arazoo Ferozan 

Germany and the Mediterranean Crossings: Suppressing Past Traumas and Revisiting Present Ones in Burhan Qurbani’s Berlin Alexanderplatz 

Kristina ŠtefaniBrown 

Dialectic of Identity: Paskvalic´’s Guide to Four Poems Dedicated 

to Serenissima 

Ane Ferri 

Re-placing the Mediterranean Diet in Italy: Historical Exchanges 

and Possible Futures 

Juliann Vitullo, Arina Melkozernova 

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