Interview with Leila Simona Talani


Mariana Starke and the Grand Tour in Europe, Italy, and Sicily between the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth Century
Paolo Militello

Lebanon and Egypt: The Construction of a Vital Space in Women’s Writing Laura Restuccia

Religious Ripples on the Bosporus. Mediterranean History as an Analogy for the Nineteenth- Century Kulturkampf in Ida Hahn- Hahn’s Eudoxia
Paul Csillag

«To Do Good and Love One’s Country». Three Italian Poetesses during the Risorgimento
Elena Frasca

A Postmodern ‘New’ Wave? Women and the Gendering of Seascape in Contemporary Italian Cinema
Antonio D’Amico

(Re)Collections of a “Piccola Streghina” from the Heart of the Mediterranean: Gender and Class Consciousness in Grazia Deledda’s Folkloric Writings
Elena Emma Sottilotta

Motherhood and the ‘Ndrangheta in La terra dei santi
Veronica Vegna

Interview with Sarah Abrevaya Stein

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