An overview of the complex world of John Donne’s poetry and specifically of his reflections on the theme of the journey of the soul. Donne’s Metempsychosis and his Anniversaries are analysed from both a literary and philosophical/ theological perspective, in the context of the rising new science.

Audrey Taschini is a researcher in English literature, history of science, philosophy and theology at the University of Bergamo. She translated into Italian T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and John Donne’s Anniversaries.




Regressus Animae to Progressus Animae:
The Neo-platonic Origin of the Concept of the Journey of the Soul

The Progress of the Soul in Donne’s Metempsycosis

Symbol. Word, Image. Light, Wisdom and the Logos in Donne’s reading of John 1.8

Corruption and redemption in Donne’s First Anniversary

From Vanitas to Veritas: the Journey of the Soul in Donne’s Second Anniversary