From the Moon to Rhinos is the story of Michele Sofisti, a Geologist who became a valued and itinerant manager – in Ferrari, Omega, Swatch, Gucci – and then actively “returned” to Nature, engaging in the conservation of animal species, forests, and oceans. It is a collection of life experiences, meetings, and emotions laid bare. It is an ongoing journey that aims to sensitize people to believe that a change towards a better interaction between humans and the natural world, which feeds and sustains us, is possible and must be undertaken instantly. This journey symbolically began with the Apollo missions on the Moon – which, for the first time, showed us the uniqueness of our wonderful planet from a new perspective – and ends with Rhinos that are slaughtered for their horn and have unfortunately become a symbol of human ignorance and greed, proving and confirming how the stupidity of a few people in interacting with Nature can be extremely destructive for everyone. 
The story’s intent – narrated amidst tennis and skiing, Ferraris and wonderful watches – is to convey a final message and spur the reader to act urgently and positively towards our planet, yet not to save it, as planet Earth can go on without us, but to preserve ourselves and our future generations.

Michele Sofisti was born in Bormio and grew up between Parma and Cosenza with his family. After working some time as a Geologist, he entered the world of luxury brands, first in Ferrari, as CEO of the company’s German branch, and then, moving to Switzerland, President/CEO of Omega, Swatch, Gucci Watches&Jewellery, Girard Perregaux. In 2005, he founded his consulting firm Sofos Management. 
Love for Nature has always played a fundamental role in his life. He was a member of the Council of Advisors of the National Geographic Society in Washington, and is presently an NGO Resolve Advisor, a Member of the NGO GLOBAL CONSERVATION CORPS Board in South Africa, Partner of, a company active in South Africa and Zambia for regenerative agriculture and conservation of wildlife habitat. He is also a Partner of, a Venture Capital for a circular economy. 
A passionate tennis player and skier, he is a avid photographer who has held over thirty international exhibitions.

Giuliano Compagno is a writer and essayist. He has been working for years in infraordinary literature and non-homogeneous intellectual poetics of the European Twentieth century. His Master of Thought was Mario Perniola. He wrote plays for the theater of Giancarlo Cauteruccio and opera librettos for composer Vittorio Montalti. Other works published by Mimesis: Troppo vicino, troppo lontano (1996); Era Mario Perniola (2019), Canada with P. Quattrocchi (2022). He has two loving children: Sabina and Irene.

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