The volume is devoted to images in painting, photography and cinema invented by literature. At the same time it intends to question, through this perspective, the relationship between text and image, between verbal and visual in modern and contemporary literature. The authors investigate the mutual boundaries between literature and arts from the point of view of aesthetics, visual culture and literary theory, trying to build a map of the notional ékphrasis, a description which constitutes the work of art while telling it.

Valeria Cammarata is assistant professor of Comparative Literature, Visual Culture and Cultural Studies at the University of Palermo. Her works focus on gender studies, the relationship between literature, arts and science. She has written on the history and thought of female gaze and on the poetics of Georges Perec and Italo Calvino.

Valentina Mignano is a scholar in Visual Culture and Comparative Literature. Her interests include the proliferation of digital image in social networks, virtual communities and photo-sharing. She has published on contemporary photography, surveillance in the digital era and on the relation between literature and images. She is part of the editorial staff of the website