The reduction of the shares of internal sovereignty, the emergence of transnational or international authorities, the overcoming power of financial systems underline the inadequacy of governments based on the obsolete dimension of “nation”. Hence the lack of power to determine their future of all peoples, in particular the Communities forgotten or disregarded because considered minorities in the nation.
The imperial rule might guarantee in the future the equal dignity of peoples, provided that it represent the fusion of earthly and sacred characters with which it was endowed during its splendour in the Middle Age. Even if this design could appear an utopia, or just thence, Man must pursue it, neither with hope of immediate success, nor fear of failure, sine spe ac metu.

Francesco Di Marino performed his job in Milan, as lawyer and manager of Italian and Italian-foreign companies, teacher of corporate law . After his retirement, he has devoted himself to the study of history of esotericism, characterized by criticism of today level of civilization, wrote six books, and more than twenty contributes to many periodicals. He has held many lectures on above topics and is Academic of the “Accademia de’ Rinnovati”, an ancient academic italian institution.