We are no longer used to critically examining the meaning of “design”, which maintains an unexplored dimension in terms of the Power that can be exercised through the cyclic act of creation, preservation and disruption. This assumption induce us focus on the contrast between the “visible” side of the act that involves all its conceptual and practical manifestations, and a hidden or “dark” side that deals with politics and power play, but that however has an major influence in the process and its hierarchical dynamics. This implies an order on the surface seems to be naturally stirred by the so-called “perceptions” that reflect the preferences of overall public opinions: however, looking deeper, all the production acts involves a carefully controlled disequillibrium influenced by social, ecological, economical and political interests. The power fl ow in the act of “design” takes into consideration the paradoxical contradiction between its potentiality and its preservation of power.

Francesco Galli Professor of Leadership and Creative Thinking at IULM University PhD in Design Leadership from the Politecnico in Milan Researcher in the Department of Business, Law, Economics and Consumption at IULM University His critical thinking lies at the crossroads between Leadership, Power, Creative and cultural industries and International networks, with a focus on Asia and South America.