What do we mean by moral freedom? What are the necessary conditions required for it? Do the exponential advances and pervasive applications of artificial intelligence (AI) promote it, or do they undermine it? Are we dealing with a new ethical challenge? If this is the case, how should we respond to it? These are a few of the compelling questions addressed in the current volume. These concerns are increasingly unavoidable in our contemporary computerized society, where people increasingly depend on AI-based technology and are inevitably exposed to its invisible but powerful algorithmic design. Providing a basis for the field of Ethics of AI, the volume helps us understand the new questions raised by AI systems, with particular attention to the challenges raised by machinelearning algorithms to our moral freedom. Tiribelli provides both conceptual and practical tools to address these issues, offering a moral compass to navigate the complexity of a reality increasingly structured and shaped, if not yet governed, by algorithmic technology.