Choosing, deciding and changing constitute the common thread of everything that we want and that we do. The deep transformation of all social system, in all its dimensions has profoundly resented of the diverse possibility or in other respects, of the absence of possibility, precisely of choosing, deciding and changing. What are we really choosing today? The hetero-direction and the conditioning seem to have become the norm, individuals are passively accustomed to an input that come from subjects and locations not identifiable. Annamaria Rufino analyzes the mystifications of new social and political “geographies” of the middleglobal world that disseminate topos which they self reproduce, generating untying between our will and our real capacity of doing. Invasive dynamics overlap imperceptibly the human relations, also permeating and infecting them. The risk is, then, the loss of control of the experience, main cause of the incapacity of choosing, deciding and changing. “This is among the most original texts I have read about our current times. Annamaria Rufino gives us a strong and original analysis and in that process draws us into her reading about the diversity of options we confront. It is the type of text that challenges our capacity to imagine, to invent something we can actually invent.” Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

Annamaria Rufino teaches Sociology of Law at the Department DI of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”. Between her more recent publications: Territorial Intelligence as Engine for the History of Future (2012, with S. Sassen et al.); Il diritto possibile. Funzioni e prospettive del medium giuridico (2011, with G. Teubner); Future Humanism. Know Thyself (2020); In-Security. The Communication of Fear in the Mid-Global Era (2020).