Chiasmi International 12 presents an extraordinary, unpublished extract from the first course Merleau-Ponty taught at the Collège de France. It is one of the few places where he speaks of cinema and its literal sense of movement. Thus, a “Special Section” called “Cinema and the Philosophy of Movement” is devoted to this topic. It contains six essays, two of which were written by Chiasmi International editors, Mauro Carbone and Pierre Rodrigo. Moreover, this issue collects a wide scope of essays, focusing specially on Merleau-Ponty’s ontology and on his reflection about dance and painting. It also presents two particularly remarkable texts: an article by Renaud Barbaras, Editor Emeritus of our journal, and an interview with Andrea Camilleri, the famous Italian detective novelist, whose works were influenced by Merleau-Ponty.

Textes de // Texts by // Testi di: Renaud Barbaras, Andrea Camilleri, Mauro Carbone, Anna Caterina Dalmasso, Caterina Di Rienzo, Antonino Firenze, Simone Frangi, Koji Hirose, Takashi Kakuni, Tetsuya Kono, Stefan Kristensen, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, David Morris, Søren Gosvig Olesen, Pierre Rodrigo, Claudio Rozzoni, Davide Scarso, Eva-Maria Simms, Tanja Staehler, Luís António Umbelino, Luca Vanzago, Keith Whitmoyer.