It seems that the time has come for philosophy to break the spell of correlationism. But how? The present book gathers essays by philosophers and younger scholars sharing an interest in the recent speculative turn and contemporary forms of realism. They discuss possible strategies to access a subject-independent reality, proposing original insights and alternative solutions. The contributors include Erik Bordeleau, Gabriel Catren, Fabio Gironi, Paul Ennis, Liam Sprod, Luca Taddio, Sjoerd Van Tuinen & Matthijs Kouw, Ben Woodard, Andrea Zhok. The book also features interviews with Lee Braver, Maurizio Ferraris, Tristan Garcia and Graham Harman. philosophy mimesis international Mimesis International.

Sarah De Sanctis manages the international branch of the research centre Labont at the University of Turin, where she also works as an academic translator specializing in philosophy. She has translated several books, including Maurizio Ferraris’ Introduction to New Realism (Bloomsbury, with an introduction by Iain Hamilton Grant), to which she also co-wrote the Afterword. Together with Graham Harman, she is the editor of the forthcoming issue of Methode: Analytic Perspectives, dedicated to the Realist Turn. She lives in London and collaborates with several literary agencies.

Anna Longo has a PhD in Aesthetics from Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne University and Sum (Italian Institute for Humanities). She has already edited two books for Mimesis: Becoming of knowledge with Roberto Masiero, and Time without becoming with Quentin Meillassoux. Her current research focuses on speculative realism. She lives and works in Paris.