Nihilism and/or community. The European Question. The gift of the in-common. Touching on different themes and authors, the papers presented here probe the prolificness that the terms sacred and community could have – if subtracted from the game of reactive nihilism – in checking the violence of the diverse political and religious ideologies that the West administers. An escape opens in the implementation of critical thinking and ethical behaviour that involves the “sacrifice” of thought and of the thinking subject. The disputing of all the semantics of the logic of the recognition and the convenience that regulate life in advanced democracies.

Chiara Di Marco is Professor of Moral Philosophy and Social Ethics at the Roma Tre University. Her research is focused on the question of difference and alterity, which marked French thought in the 50’s and 60’s through the reflections of Bataille, Foucault, Derrida, and Deleuze. She has published Gilles Deleuze e il pensiero nomade (1995), Critica e cura di sé. L’etica di Michel Foucault (1998), Georges Bataille. Etica dell’incompiutezza (2006), Fiducia nell’incompiutezza (2010), Otium et negotium. Seneca e la “scelta di sé” (2013), Per un pensiero ludico. L’“aldilà del serio” in Georges Bataille (2014).