An atmosphere bears an effect wherever it is perceptible by human beings, which includes situations in educational institutions. Due to their efficacious potential, they can exude an influence that enhances or weakens, encourages or inhibits children in their development. This book explains various kinds of atmospheres that typically emerge in pedagogical contexts. It includes suggestions on how atmospheres can be actively altered in order to improve learning conditions. In this regard, pedagogues are also encouraged to develop an ‘atmospheric competence’.

Barbara Wolf is Professor of Childhood Education at SRH University of Applied Sciences Sciences Heidelberg since 2013 and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. She was Principal of the professional school for educators in Koblenz between 2012 and 2013 and Research assistant and doctoral studies at Koblenz University (2008-2012). Her dissertation subject focuses on socialization of childhood and youth in public institutions. She has many years of professional experience in social work and early childhood education.