The present volume compiles translations of hitherto neglected texts in Asian philosophical traditions, along with several critical essays dealing with the philosophical issues of translating them into western languages.
As the inaugural volume to a proposed series dedicated to making hidden primary sources of Asian philosophies available to the wider audience in western academia and beyond, this book treats diverse primary sources written by a broad range of thinkers from various historical periods and intellectual traditions, including the Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, among others. The translations, accompanied by critical essays, will shed light on major philosophical movements as Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and others, thereby demonstrating multilayered development of
intellectual traditions in Asia.

Takeshi Morisato is a Research Associate at the Department of Philosophy at Sun Yat-Sen University in China. He is the author of Faith and Reason in Continental and Japanese Philosophy (2019) and currently serving as the editor of the European Journal of Japanese Philosophy (EJJP),
the series editor of the “Studies in Japanese Philosophy” (Chisokud Publications), the regional editor of the “Bloomsbury Introduction to World Philosophies,” and the associate editor of the Journal of East Asian Philosophy.

Roman Pașca is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Japanese
Philosophy at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Letters. He currently serves as vice-president of the “European Network of Japanese Philosophy” (ENOJP). He has published extensively on Japanese premodern philosophy and has translated numerous works from and into Japanese, English, French and Romanian. He is a member of the editorial board of several academic journals in Europe and Japan.