Starting from today’s climate dominated by the different political-media populisms that tread the contemporary political scene, the volume examines the rise and what is believed to be the current fall of the so-called “neo-liberalism”. The failure of the multicultural paradigm centered on the Lockean concept of tolerance is analyzed through the theses on civil and social dynamics of de-democratization developed by political scientists such as Wendy Brown. In this perspective, Fornari proposes an original concept of post-hegemony, which – going beyond Gramsci and his modern followers – focuses on the Subject of desire and enjoyment of Freudian and Lacanian memory, with its drives incompatible with the systemic grid of contemporary hypercapitalism. Lastly, after a counter-current analysis of violence and terrorism in the globalized world, the volume presents the paradigm of a “democracy of bodies” – based on Judith Butler’s work – as an alternative and salvation to the decline of the “political” in the present era.