World Philosophies Series Workshop
29-30 June 2015
SOAS – University of London
(Room 4426)

The papers discussed at the workshop will form part of the inaugural volume for the World Philosophies Series, published by Mimesis International.  The Workshop and individual papers will address three main sets of questions intended to provide the focus for the intellectual content of the workshop and which will set the research agenda for future publications:

  1. Can a given philosophical tradition – and different historical schools of thought within it – in principle, be considered open towards other traditions? What historical signs/manifestations are there of this openness/dialogue or, perhaps, of closure/hindrance towards other traditions?
  2. Are there any methodological tools internal to a given tradition/school of thought which could enhance openness and dialogue towards other traditions? How can these methodologies be developed so as to be more effective? Given the relevance of both ‘religion’ and ‘culture’ in the formation of philosophical traditions/schools of thought, and the clear connection between ‘philosophy, culture and religion’, what contribution have both ‘religion’ and ‘culture’ provided to either the openness or hindrance of them? [The use of local/specific terminology might be appropriate here, for the translation of ‘religion’ and ‘culture’].
  3. Notwithstanding the existential differences within and between traditions and the conflictual power derived from social, historical and political tensions operating in these spheres, can different philosophical traditions build upon their own practices of collective philosophising and mutual philosophical understanding?  Could these practices be said to be following patterns of a “shared philosophical methodology”?


Workshop timetable
Paper Titles and Abstracts.
Susana Nuccetelli, The Quality of Latin American Philosophy Debate
Cosimo Zene, World Philosophies in Dialogue: a Shared Wisdom?
Yang Guorong, World Philosophy: A Perspective of Philosophical Investigation
BA World Philosophies program (flyer front and retro)