This book focuses on parenthood and generativity, considered not only a set of biological functions, but as human and socio-cultural capabilities above and beyond gender differences. The authors reconsider in particular the institution of motherhood, emphasizing the historical and social function of women. Alongside a refl ection on the gender role of women as mothers and wives, this volume explores male identities and fatherhood. While claiming that parenthood and care are human characteristics – and not just gendered or female attributes – the authors suggest the adoption of a gylanic perspective on inter-gender relationships.

Cristiana Ottaviano is an Associate Professor at the University of Bergamo. She teaches Sociology of Cultural Processes. Her academic interests are gender-sensitive sociocultural and educational processes, with specifi c focus on inter-gender and intergenerational relationships.

Alessia Santambrogio is a Trainer and Assistant Professor for the professorship of Sociology of Cultural Processes at the University of Bergamo. She pursues a personal study on queer studies and gender topics, with a particular interest on socio-cultural construction of bodies, sexes, and sexualities.