Gender Studies


An excerpt from the chapter ‘Generating Possibilities, Together’ of the book ‘Vulnerability As Generativity’  by Cristiana Ottaviano and Alessia Santambrogio   The path we have taken so far has led us to address a number of issues we would now like to briefly recapitulate before moving on. We have explored the topic of female generativity in relation to a fundamental issue in Gender Studies: that one of motherhood as an experience that gives significance to the feminine and, at the same time, is an instrument of patriarchy through which women... Read more →


An excerpt from ‘Dislocations’, introduction of the book ‘Dislocated Subject’  by Lorena Preta (Dislocated Subject, 2018, Mimesis International) “A stamping ground for wild asses” There are historical times where cultural paradigms and different behavior models seem to contrast, as if each represented a true alternative to the one preceding it, so marking a definitive and radical change. These different facets offered by reality may be considered as violent contrapositions of the preceding establishment, or on the other hand, it may be denied that they be representative of anything new and... Read more →

Contemporary Women’s Cinema, Global Scenarios and Transnational Contexts. Introduction by Veronica Pravadelli

This volume opens the publications of the international network Global Women’s Cinema whose aim is to investigate women’s agency in lm production, distribution and reception in contemporary global and transnational contexts. The network was established in 2013 in Rome with the conference Contemporary Women’s Cinema, Global Scenarios and Transnational Contexts organized by Veronica Pravadelli at Roma Tre University. Since then the network has developed thanks to two more conferences. In 2014, at Stony Brook University E. Ann Kaplan, Adrián Pérez Melgosa and Kathleen M. Vernon organized the second edition, titled... Read more →

Contemporary Women’s Cinema, Global Scenarios and Transnational Contexts

The volume explores contemporary women’s cinema in relation to issues related to gender and globalization. The anthology gathers scholars coming from several parts of the world – from Italy to the US, from Turkey to Iran and Greece, from New Zealand to Argentina, from Germany to Canada. Such a global perspective is mirrored in the book’s content: essays consider women’s production in the domain of cinema by looking at various films and filmmakers around the globe and by tackling the relation between national, transnational and global contexts in film production.... Read more →

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