Relations. Ontology and Philosophy of Religion

Paperback, 122 pages
Date: 2018
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In 1924, B. Russell claimed the crucial importance of relations to our understanding of many unresolved philosophical problems. Such observation is more than fundamental for the contemporary philosophical agenda: ontology, philosophy of religion and several other theoretical fi elds require an explanation for the very nature of what a relation is and how it works. Collecting several contributions on the very meaning of relations, the volume aims to expand the international debate in the fi eld from a philosophical perspective. Ranging from history of philosophy to ontology, from philosophy of religion to the history of religious doctrines, leading scholars from all over the world come together to address this timely topic.

Daniele Bertini (Pietrasanta, 1973) achieved his graduation from the University of Pisa (2000) and obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Parma (2006). He is an analytic epistemologist and philosopher of religion. At present he works at the University of Rome II, Tor Vergata, and he is currently leading a group of philosophers and theologians working on Evolution, morality and the notion of God.

Damiano Migliorini (Vicenza, 1987) graduated in Philosophy at the University of Padua and in Religious Sciences at Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose (Padua). At present he is a Ph.D. student in Human Sciences at the University of Verona. His interests focus on analytical philosophy of religion, ontology, Trinitarian theology and gender studies.



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