Montesquieu: An Introduction. A Universal Mind for a Universal Science of Political-legal Systems

Paperback, 188 pages
ISBN: 9788869771422
Date: 2018
Price: $ 21.00 / £ 14.00 / € 18,00


What can Montesquieu still teach us today? Montesquieu was the first political writer who first formulated the principles of separation of powers and the independence of justice. He was the first to scientifically study human institutions, both ancient and modern, Asiatic and European, African and American. Again, he was the first thinker to theorize Federal Democracy, systematically tracking down the root causes of human events in its environmental, cultural, historical, and geographical aspects. Analysing several aspects of Montesquieu’s philosophical and political thought, this volume highlights his stoicism, realism, anti-despotism as well as his staunch defence of human dignity. Introducing one of the sharpest thinkers of modernity, this book offers fundamental tools to understand the very ground of our contemporary times.

Domenico Felice is Professor of History of Philosophy and of History of Political Philosophy (University of Bologna). He has written Pour l’histoire de la réception de Montesquieu en Italie (1789- 2005) (2006) and Los orígenes de la ciencia política contemporánea. Despotismo y libertad en el “Esprit de lois” de Montesquieu (2012).



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