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Over the last two decades, discoveries made in the field of cognitive neuroscience have begun to permeate humanities and social sciences. This special issue of Cinéma & Cie focuses on major conceptual and epistemological arguments arising from the dialogue between audiovisual studies and neurosciences. In the context of this intersection, Neurofilmology is an interdisciplinary research program that arises at the encounter between two models of viewer: the viewer-as-mind (deriving from a cognitive/ analytical approach) and the viewer-as-body (typical of the phenomenological/continental approach). Accordingly, Neurofilmology focuses on the viewer-as-organism, by investigating with both empirical and speculative epistemological tools the subject of audiovisual experience, postulated as embodied, embedded, enacted, extended, emerging, affective, and relational.

Adriano D’Aloia and Ruggero Eugeni, Neurofilmology: An Introduction

Temenuga Trifonova, Neuroaesthetics and Neurocinematics: Reading the Brain/Film through the Film/Brain

Maria Poulaki, Neurocinematics and the Discourse of Control: Towards a Critical Neurofilmology

Patricia Pisters, Dexter’s Plastic Brain: Mentalizing and Mirroring in Cinematic Empathy

Enrico Carocci, First-Person Emotions: Affective Neuroscience and the Spectator’s Self

Maarten Coëgnarts and Peter Kravanja, The Sensory-Motor Grounding of Abstract Concepts in Two Films by Stanley Kubrick

Pia Tikka and Mauri Kaipainen, Phenomenological Considerations on Time Consciousness under Neurocinematic Search Light

Vittorio Gallese and Michele Guerra, The Feeling of Motion: Camera Movements and Motor Cognition


Olivier Asselin, Cinéma d’exposition 2.0: Mixed-Reality Games in and around the Museum

Livia Giunti, L’analyse du film a l’ère numérique. annotation, geste analytique et lecture active

Christian Gosvig Olesen, Panoramic Visions of the Archive in Eye’s Panorama: A Case Study in Digital Film Historiography

Francesco Pitassio, Distant Voices, Still Cinema? Around the Movies