Social Science

Directed by Pierluigi Musarò and Laura Iannelli

Editorial Board:
Ruben Andersson (University of Oxford), Arjun Appadurai (New York University), Craig Calhoun (London School of Economics and Political Science), Nico Carpentier (Uppsala University), Lilie Chouliaraki (London School of Economics and Political Science), Bente Halkier (University of Copenhagen), Karina Horsti (University of Jyväskylä), Do Hyun Han (Academy of Korean Studies), Eric Klinenberg (New York University), Peter Lunt (University of Leicester), Lisa Ann Richey (Roskilde University), Adrienne Russell (University of Denver), Harel Shapira (University of Texas), Nina Petrovna Shchukina (Samara University), Miriam Ticktin (The New School for Social Research, NY), Alan Warde (University of Manchester).

This is a new English language book series from Mimesis International, which aims to host contemporary theoretical and empirical research within the field of sociology and social science. The series will host contributions from leading academics and emerging scholars, privileging multidisciplinary approaches which draw upon diverse sociological disciplines and social sciences. Assuming that the challenges of our time – i.e. climate change, the financial crisis, democracy and the media, social inequality, urbanisation, global healthcare, migration and ethnicity – never come organised by academic disciplines, this book series encourages interdisciplinary interaction among sociologists and social scientists. The large goal is to introduce knowledge of the social sciences into the broader public sphere. Covering a variety of sociological sub-disciplines, schools of thought, research methods, and topics, this series seeks to provide a critical intellectual space to address current public issues. It will also contribute to improving analytical capacities as well as cultivating a sense of global public responsibility.
The series includes two kinds of publications: monographs (authored by one or more authors) and contributed volumes (coordinated by one or more authors). Both these kinds of publications focus on specific topics and show critical openness to the academic debate, reviewing the state of art and presenting original research results.
An Editorial Board of internationally recognised scholars in the fields of sociology and social science will review and select submissions.

Social Science

Vulnerability as Generativity. Undoing Parenthood in a Gylanic Perspective


This book focuses on parenthood and generativity, considered not only a set of biological functions, but as human and socio-cultural capabilities above and beyond gender differences. The authors reconsider in particular the institution of motherhood, emphasizing the historical and social function of women. Alongside a refl ection on the gender role of women as mothers and wives, this volume explores male identities and fatherhood. While claiming that parenthood and care are human characteristics – and not just gendered or female attributes – the authors suggest the adoption of a gylanic... Read more →

Performative Citizenship. Public Art, Urban Design, And Political Participation


The essays collected in this book adopt different disciplinary approaches to point out the forms of citizens’ participation developed in the field of contemporary public art and urban design. From Sardinia to Queensland, New York to Bologna, Hasselt and Genk to L’Aquila, Rio de Janeiro to Utrecht, these essays analyze a variety of projects that deal with political confl icts of the societal life in the urban spaces, such as environmental risks and immigrant populations; propose diverse forms of citizens’ participation in the representations of marginalized interests, values, problems, and... Read more →

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