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Swedish Crime Fiction. The making of Nordic Noir

Why have authors from the safe, social welfare state Sweden captivated the minds of crime fiction readers across the globe? Kerstin Bergman suggests that killer marketing and a widespread curiosity about the “exotic” Nordic welfare states, their desolate landscapes and alleged gender equality have propelled these authors and novels into the international spotlight. Bergman uses this innovative angle to retell the recent history of crime fiction in Sweden, exploring central themes and selecting key authors that have garnered national and international acclaim for their lethal plots. Swedish Crime Fiction: The... Read more →

Painting. The Infinite Body

This book aims to investigate the perspective of painting in the current context, choosing a philosophical approach that carefully delineates mechanisms and capabilities in relation to the history of painting, to its contemporaneity and difference, also in relation to other media, trying to grasp those aspects related to its continuous questioning, as a dialectic body constantly evolving / repeating. This book is the first in Italy not to follow a historical path, but to present a survey of contemporary painting. Main figures from the international scene have joined this project:... Read more →

All over

All over is a collection of epic songs, of epinician odes for our day. The heroes praised are boxers, men the author identifies as the last able to truly astound, to induce awe. These epinician odes on Pindaric models are transformed in the making. What they sing about is not victory but defeat. The hero, the boxer, is deprived the possibility of attaining true “victory” through the gods’ obliging and favorable presence — a limitation that never pertained in antiquity. This is a fragile hero. An all-too human human. He... Read more →

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