Gualtiero Lorini (A.v.H.-Stiftung, TU Berlin)

The series “Objectivities” originates as an answer to the need to rethink the concept of objectivity that emerges with growing insistence today from various areas of knowledge and society. Human beings are used to label as objective that which must hold for everyone and whose reliability cannot be questioned. Objectivity is thus mostly identified with absolute truth and defined through its opposition to subjectivity. The aim of the series “Objectivities” consists in questioning this concept of “objectivity”. The works published in this series share the historical background represented by the debate developed on this topic within the German Idealism. However, they do not neglect to consider the extent to which this debate affects the most current approaches to objectivity on the contemporary philosophical scene. Indeed, as the title makes clear, the concept of objectivity today follows diverse directions that correspond to different contexts of meaning. In this sense, one of the main ambitions of the series is to clarify how, in the philosophical domain, the historical and the theoretical approach can and shall go hand in hand, in order to provide a concrete contribution to the understanding of the reality all around human beings.

Scientific Committee

Günter Abel (TU Berlin)
Robert B. Louden (University of Southern Maine)
Pablo Muchnik (Emerson College, Boston)
Leonel Ribeiro dos Santos (Universidade de Lisboa)


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