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Philosophical News Official Journal of the ESMP The official publication of the ESMP is the international journal of philosophy Philosophical News, starting with the new series in Autumn 2016 for MIM International. The journal aims to promote research and reflection, with particular attention to contemporary philosophical debate, from different cultural perspectives. Over the years many scholars collaborated to this publication, enriching research in the philosophical panorama. These authors have included Martha Nussbaum, Roger Scruton, Rémi Brague, John Milbank, Stanley Houerwas, Stanislaw Grygiel, Linda Zagzebski, Giovanni Reale, Enrico Berti, Angelo Scola, John H. McDowell,... Read more →


A new book by Alan O’Leary for Mimesis International   Commissioned by Algerians and made by Italians with dialogue in Arabic and French, The Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo, 1966) is a classic of political cinema influential on art-house and popular cinema alike. The film’s complex consideration of the efficacy of torture and terrorism means it is a key text for thinking about the ethics of conflict, and it is studied not only by scholars of cinema but also by political scientists and historians, not to mention the military and... Read more →

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