David Sylvian as a philosopher. A foray into postmodern rock


David Sylvian may be seen as a philosopher, in accordance with the postmodern spirit, who invalidates identity, preserving it at the level of nosound, in a troubled ego/others relationship. His most recent songs have been analysed, as well as the lyrics and Sylvian’s way of life (Tao). What emerges is the portrait of a character who absorbs elements both from the East and the West, where music is the goal of a path of Self-Realization, which brought Sylvian to conceive a new view of arrangement, increasingly deprived of its frills... Read more →

The sound of the North. Norway and the European Jazz Scene

Co-edition with Auditorium With a gentle yet incisive approach, with a warm humour and a deep admiration for the music and musicians and for all those who work so hard in the music industries, for sound engineers, labels, venues and management, Luca Vitali has produced the classic and important history which needed to be written. Fans of Norwegian jazz around the world will welcome this new English translation. But this is more than a history book, this is a view from abroad, one person’s journey of discovery told through his... Read more →

Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory

Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory is a collaborative collection of writings in black metal theory (BMT), an amorphous ‘metallecutal’ movement initiated in 2009 with the symposium Hideous Gnosis.

Nation and/or homeland. Identity in 19th-Century Music and Literature between Central and Mediterranean Europe

The aim of this book is to focus on the development of national consciousness elaborated around a series of different case studies, in which the terms nation, homeland and people have been applied. This Romantic lexicon identifies similar but various conceptions of the national idea in some countries dominated by Italian, German and Slavic cultures, and in some groups or minorities such as the Jews and the Vlachs in Central and Mediterranean Europe.

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