Book Series “Italian Frame” – Mimesis International
directed by Andrea Minuz and Christian Uva

“Italian Frame” is a new book series from Mimesis International devoted to the most original and outstanding research in the field of Italian studies, with a focus on film, media and visual culture.

This new English language series will host shorter publications (90-max.120 pages), in e-book format and limited print editions, dealing with the broad media context from the perspective of significant aspects of Italian culture and way of life.

The volumes will be particularly suited to case studies focussing on precise analysis and interpretation.

The series will cover the following topics:
• Studies of Italian cinema (films, genres, filmmakers, performers, audiences, industry)
• Italian visual culture (photography, design, fashion, architecture)
• History, identity and national culture (through the prism of film, television and other popular media).

“Italian Frame” aims to host writings by established and senior scholars, but also by up-and-coming researchers.

It is expected that the series will garner a high level of interest not only in the academic community (we expect individual volumes will be adopted as course textbooks) but also amongst a global audience of those passionate about Italian style, customs and culture.

Editorial Board:
Pierpaolo Antonello (University of Cambridge), Luca Caminati (Concordia University), Giulia Carluccio (Università di Torino), Francesco Casetti (Yale University), Roberto Cavallini (Yaşar University), Roberto De Gaetano (Università della Calabria), Giovanna De Luca (College of Charleston), Stephen Gundle (University of Warwick), Giancarlo Lombardi (City University of New York), Giacomo Manzoli (Università di Bologna), Millicent Marcus (Yale University), Nicoletta Marini-Maio (Dickinson College), Alan O’Leary (University of Leeds), Catherine O’Rawe (University of Bristol), Francesco Pitassio (Università di Udine), Veronica Pravadelli (Università Roma Tre), Dana Renga (Ohio State University), Paolo Russo (Oxford Brookes University), Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg (Brown University), Antonio Vitti (Indiana University), Vito Zagarrio (Università Roma Tre).

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