Indo-Iranica et orientalia

Selected writings

The present volume contains a selection of the scholarly work of one of Europe’s most prominent representatives of modern, transdisciplinary Oriental studies: Bert Georg Fragner. His amazing work in the fields of Iranian, Central Asian and Islamic Studies, as well as Social and Cultural Anthropology, is well known far beyond the specific circles of academia. His achievements in these disciplines have led him to reach institutional functions: Professor at the Universities of Berlin and Bamberg, Germany, President of the Societas Iranologica Europaea, First President of the German Oriental Society, Full... Read more →

Heliacal Phenomena. An Astronomical Introduction for Humanists

Heliacal Phenomena is a parallel to the author’s Eclipses, being another astronomical introduction for Humanists. The aim is that of providing Humanists with a general overview on the importance of heliacal phenomena from the standpoints of history, literature, astronomy. The book is an invitation for students and scholars to consider this subject, as it has been incredibly useful to science, agriculture, people in several ways. The book covers documents dating back to the ancient texts from Babylon, China, Greece, Rome or the Academies and Scientists, up until the present time.... Read more →

Yaghnobi Studies I. Papers from the Italian Missions in Tajikistan

The new publication series, opened by the present volume, has the ambition to fill a gap in the research landscape in the field of Asian Studies. In spite of the considerable development of comparative and contrastive research into Indo-Iranian languages and civilizations, and notwithstanding the general trend to interdisciplinarity in the studies of the multicultural areas of Central Asia, of Iran maior, of the Indian subcontinent and the surrounding territories, we still miss a forum for publications in the sphere of Philology, Cultural and Social History, with a special focus... Read more →

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