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Raffaele Milani (University of Bologna), Rolando Minuti (University of Florence), Ikuko Sagiyama (University of Florence), Andreas Niehaus (Ghent University), Judit Arokay (Heidelberg University), Harald Fuess (Heidelberg University), Ivo Smits (Leiden University), Franco Mazzei (University of Naples “L’Orientale”), Giangiorgio Pasqualotto (University of Padua), Matilde Mastrangelo (Sapienza University of Rome), Glenn Hook (University of Sheffield), Akihiro Ozaki 尾崎彰宏 (Tohoku University), Ryūsaku Nagaoka 長岡龍作 (Tohoku University), Hiroo Satō 佐藤弘夫 (Tohoku University), Yoshimichi Satō 佐藤嘉倫 (Tohoku University), Akinori Takahashi 高橋章則 (Tohoku University), Paul Ziche (Utrecht University), Bonaventura Ruperti (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Georg Stenger (University of Vienna)

Hasekura League Intercultural Studies Editions

Knowledge and Arts on the Move. Transformation of the Self-aware Image Through East-West Encounters


East and West have long stood as towering edifices dividing history and the world into separate spheres. In fact, the two poles have not only shared a multitude of connections over the centuries, they have also played essential roles in shaping the identities of their oppositional others. Cultural exchange, mutual imaginings, and other forms of interaction have contributed to both the creation of an exotic other and a framing and definition of the self. The essays in this collection explore the creation and transformation of self image through the encounter... Read more →

How to Learn? Nippon/japan as Object, Nippon/japan as Method

How is one to learn in a time of globalization? And in particular: how is one to learn if the research “object” is a non-European culture, such as that of Japan? What are the methodologies appropriate for working in the field of “Nippon/Japan” in a bi-directional approach from West to East and from East to West? Based on an interdisciplinary and intercultural orientation, specialists from Europe and Japan analyze topics focusing on History, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Literature, Linguistics, Sociology, Economics and Religious Studies. Christopher Craig is Associate Professor of Japanese History... Read more →

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