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Editorial Board:
Paolo Fabbri (Director of the International Centre of Semiotic Sciences, Urbino);
Paolo Fonda (Italian Psychoanalytic Society and IPA, Member of European Psychoanalytic Institute Board IPA-FEP);
Gohar Homayounpour (American Psychoanalytic Society and IPA, Founder of the Freudian Group of Teheran; Scientific Advisory Board for the Sigmund Freud Foundation,Vienna);
Maria Teresa Savio Hooke (Australian Psychoanalytical Society, Chair of IPA International New Groups);
Mariano Horenstein (Asociación Psicoanalítica de Córdoba and Federación Psicoanalítica de América Latina and IPA, Director of “Calibán”, official journal of Federación Psicoanalítica de América Latina);
Sudhir Kakar (President of Delhi Psychoanalytic Society);
Sebastiano Maffettone (Full Professor of Political Philosophy, LUISS University Rome);
Silvia Ronchey (Full Professor of Byzantine civilization, Roma Tre University);
Victor Stoichita (Full Professor of History of Modern Art, University of Freiburg)

Geographies of Psychoanalysis

The Compass and the Couch


What is the connection between a compass and a couch? It is the meeting of a mechanical gadget used for geographical orientation on the planet, together with another artifact, one of furniture, which has become the icon of the psychoanalytic practice. Both objects allow us to orient ourselves in uncertainty and in darkness with regard to our own subjective, intimate or physical position. Within an effort to encompass the heterogeneous, Mariano Horenstein provides specific conceptual tools that examine different meanings of the notions of “place” and “encounter” from a psychoanalytic... Read more →

Dislocated Subject


“The time is out of joint”. This famous line from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet helps to describe the impression of de-centering, of deconstruction, which we currently live and experience. This phenomenon is caused by various factors and while it is happening worldwide, partly as a result of globalization, it is perceived in different ways in the various cultures and countries in the world. We find ourselves in front of an hybrid individual, the product of different cultures blending together. Such is the novelty and the spread of new means of communication... Read more →

Cartographies of the Unconscious. A New Atlas for Psychoanalysis


It is hard to think of the psyche as something that can be catalogued and that in and of itself is unknown to the subconscious as a territory that can be “cartographed”, assigning clearly defined spaces and tracing a map. Nevertheless, we know that any geographical map besides representing places and positions is the indication of possible routes that permit innumerable options. Facilitating relationships between different countries and cultures, it is conceivable to map out the psyche based on its interconnections and interferences. The image of an atlas contributes to... Read more →

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