Our cinema list aims to engage with the latest debates in the field of film studies. Exploring key theoretical and philopshical issues within the framework of new media, cinema and digital studies our books are suitable for students in the field as well as for cinema lovers who wish to gain a deeper understanding on the subject.


E pornô, tem pornô? A Panorama of Brazilian Porn


E Pornô, tem pornô? represents a panorama of the Brazilian porn industry as well as of the burgeoning field of Brazilian porn studies. The anthology covers the historical developments of Brazilian pornography, from the early pornochanchada productions – softcore films that mirrored the highly sexualized Brazilian culture of the 1960s and 1970s with comic and sometimes sarcastic overtones – to the latest strands of contemporary netporn, with a specific focus on women in explicit media. The articles included in this book also represent an overview of a specific area of... Read more →

Cinema is a dream. New images and the principles of modernity


The emergence and spread of new images – photography, film, television and audiovisual – have brought about an important epistemological revolution that has encouraged contemporary man to have a new attitude of confidence not only towards the image but also to reality. The modern knowledge that exploded man’s certainties into hundreds of relative truths has been removed. The perfect doubling of reality offered by the new media has quietly eliminated doubt about the faithful restitution of reality into images, and, consequently, into the events of the outside world. Opposing this... Read more →

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