Autoréférence Infinie: Individual, Community and History in Miquel Barceló’s Works


In past years Miquel Barceló has been depicted in various albeit contrasting ways. He has been acclaimed as: the new Picasso, the rebel, the genius and the joker. The primary objective of this book is to situate the artist within contemporary critical debate, discuss his production in the context of postmodern times and articulate his affinity with Hypermodernity. Barceló’s writings, declarations and works are compared and contrasted in order to determine the artist’s autofiction, in order to bridge the artist’s hyper-individualism, discussed in the context of the Hypermodern Era, and... Read more →

Sunniness in Painting. From Edward Hopper to David Hockney


Since the middle of the twentieth century, visual art has displayed an ambivalent nature, torn between the poles of abstractionism and realism, conceptual and postmodern, classicist nostalgia and the violent provocation for its own sake. This essay builds an argument in favor of tracing a different path for the visual arts, in which art might be able to recover its fullness and universality. The artists analyzed in this volume – starting with Hopper and Balthus, singled out as precursors – appear to be following this shared path, even though they... Read more →

Tangible Whispers, Neglected Encounters. Histories of East-west Artistic Dialogues 14th-20th Century


The relationship between East and West remains a topic of burning timeliness, particularly in its political dimension. Yet, we can gain a complete understanding of the current tensions only if we consider them within a broader historical framework, spanning from art to diplomacy, from religion to ethnography. The present volume tackles precisely this complex task, offering its reader a rich mosaic of case studies and scholarly research, relating to the mutual approaches between the Euro-American ‘West’, and the Sino-Japanese ‘East’. In the first part of the book, art historian Marco... Read more →


This unique work offers the reader a poetic depiction of the abyssal Himalayan city of Kathmandu: the mythical sword-shaped sacred city of divine origin set among the shining mountains of the Himalayas; the open-air mandala studded by golden-roofed temples; the cradle and melting pot of millenary civilisation and spiritual tradition; the mesmerising destination for generations of flower children and “dharma bums”; Asia’s present- day dirty, derelict and broken mirror…Kathmandu. A visionary katabasis, this book, enriched by a wide selection of artistic B&W photos, leads the reader through the mazes of... Read more →

The snowy snap. The Story of Chaturman Rai, Himalayan folk-photographer and film-maker

In a remote village of eastern Nepal, lacking electricity and any other facilities, Chaturman, a farmer belonging to the Kulung Rai ethnic group, has for many years cultivated an original passion: photography. Chaturman fell in love with this art in his youth, as a result of a fortuitous encounter with travelling photographers, enigmatic characters who, until recently, used to wander through the remotest villages of Nepal working as “nomadic” professional portraitists. Despite the acrobatic split needed between his work as a farmer, herdsman, porter and father of a family, Chaturman,... Read more →

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