A&P Anthropology & Philosophy – International Multidisciplinary Journal – Volume 12 – 2015/2016


SPECIAL ISSUE ON METAPHILOSOPHY Edited by Mariano L. Bianca, Luca Malatesti, and Paolo Piccari CONTENTS  Foreword What Is Philosophy? BORAN BERCIC MARIANO L. BIANCA Philosophical Mind, Philosophical Thinking, and Metaphilosophy PAUL GILBERT Defending the Philosophy. Literature Distinction MARKO JURJAKO Do Philosophical Intuitions Need Calibration? LUCA MALATESTI, MARKO JURJAKO Metaphilosophy in Practice. The Responsibility of Psychopathic Offenders as a Case Study NENAD MIŠCEVIC Continental Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy. Trails and Family Resemblances PAOLO PICCARI Argumentation as a Fundamental Means of Philosophy IRIS VIDMAR The Philosopher’s Virtues VARIA FABIO MINAZZI Ideal Models... Read more →